Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hope Chest

Mommy says its good for kids to have hope chest before we move out so we will have items for our house. I thought that was a good idea so, a month-or-so ago I went to Ross (with mommy) and I found some stuff I liked:
This is a pretty container for my future kitchen. I love the color of it, and best of all, its Paris themed! YAY

This is a gravy thing for breakfast. (I'm not sure what they are really called... oopsie)
Here's a close up of the pretty trim around it. I think I need to get a camera that can zoom without it getting blurry. Hehe. :)

I don't care for the back round on this photo its a bit to dark, don't you think?
-Audrey :)


  1. I really like the pitcher-it seems old fashioned and elegant.

  2. As a photographer, that is one of the fun aspects of photographing objects - making the background beautiful without distracting from the main subject.

  3. Hi Audery!
    I have a hopechest too.
    I have a few things so far...
    I like the things you picked out!
    P.s. I have my own blog,too.
    It is